the warmest night of November

Editor’s note:  I wrote this on the night that Barack Obama became the first African-American president.  I along with countless others, wept at the promise of the degradation of racism in America. The promise, somewhat tarnished and sullied even by the boundless harassment of the man seated in the nation’s highest office, remains still.  We salute his proud service and contribution.  He has made us proud!

on the warmest night

in November
when thousands
lined the streets
amidst turmoil,
angst and fear
the cheering and tears
were deafening
as was the
and waiting
from untold millions
lost in the Atlantic
shot on the run
hung for no better reason
than an untoward glance
killed in a street fight
for dignity
that nobody won
worked to death in an
Alabama cotton field
Texas chain gang
Gary Iron Melt
Pontiac assembly line
Chasing a Newark dragon
plunging in and out
thinking Lord, how long?
peering heaven’s balcony
dabbing tears
our undaunted noble warrior
the anticipated herald
our voice, our sage
free world leader
constrained world leader
held by threads of contempt
dauntless, nonetheless
bolstered by national prayer
our hero
graceful to the end
Barack Obama

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  1. Sandra Emmanuel July 30, 2016 @ 9:21 pm

    Well said. Thank you for sharing and giving voice to what some of us felt unable to articulate. Yes!


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