Jill’s Box

Pandora has it out for me 
even when I am minding my own business
she is trying to start something

“I know I’m going to say some things and you are going to say some things . . . “
It doesn’t help that the groove stands in the middle of my back
It was our song, or my song . . . always pointing to you

It doesn’t help that with happy healthy home life,
I long for the sick and crazy intensity
of our fabrication

swallowing and and trying to forget it all
only helps in spurts
knowing that life is better without you is just a tease
living in the friend zone isn’t fatal
it’s not even dangerous

what we had was illusory
better than reality
mental currency
illegal tender

the closer it stays
courtesy of  mybrownbaby.com
Jill Scott’s “Cross My Mind” appears on her Beautiful Human Vol. 2
the longer it lasts

pain amazing
late night talks
up all night fretting

you’re in my ear
hands in my pants
lust is a drug

don’t hang up
wait for me
show up

I’ll close my eyes . . .







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