Don’t Trip, Vote!

I’m talking to more and more younger people who tell me that they will not vote for Donald J. Trump and that they are not in favor of voting for Hillary Clinton either.  When asked, their response is that they will not vote.   I am concerned about this for two reasons.  First, as I am adamantly opposed to a Trump presidency, I recognize that the Trump campaign is bringing voters who have not voted in a while back to the polls; therefore, those who fail to vote make it easier for Trump to overcome any voting deficits. 

Second, by virtue of age, I have witnessed elections where those of similar political views have felt constrained to vote “the lesser of two evils”.   We must recognize that politicians are indeed people and they have huge flaws.  We do need to view them as they are, not as we would like them to be.  I remember the “iconic” Ronald Reagan and how I always said that he was an actor posing as a politician.  Many people would differ with me in that opinion.  This election is critical because we are at a very sensitive place in history.  We are a long way from some of the past sensitive places i.e. the 60’s,  the great depression, the civil war, not to mention the great recession we are recovering from led by President Obama. 

People have died so that the great political experiment known as democracy can work.  You need to participate, you could consider the other options including a vote for the Libertarian candidate.  There is also a candidate for the Green Party.  There is also the option of a write-in vote. Be warned though, write-in votes for Bernie Sanders will not be counted in Indiana, if he doesn’t win the nomination next week.

Don’t trip on the details, get out and vote! 



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