In Good Conscience

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I have intentionally stayed off the subject of politics as the race for the Presidency has gotten strange, lurid even.  This divisive race is separating the entire nation notwithstanding the fact that there are several other divisive issues that have compounded the already muddy water.   I don’t think that anyone can categorically speak across race, gender and/or other cultural lines yet, as a Black man in America, I feel this needs to be said.  Any Black person in these United States who places their support behind Donald Trump is showing themselves inauthentic to their cultural heritage.  

I don’t say this without having some reservations about overstating a point.  Having thought about this for a couple of weeks, I have come to the conclusion that it is inauthentic for any black person to support a man who is a stranger to the black community.  any politician who introduces himself by declaring that our communities are terrible but who has not come in and offered help but decries what he sees and offers help in a statement of “what have you got to lose?” That politician is inauthentic and not to be trusted.  The servant leader who makes an appeal to the community but demonstrates no ties to various constituencies of the community, cannot convince me that s/he has a real or lasting investment in that constituent.  

What is our cultural heritage?  The traditional African-American community has always been invested in leadership based on wisdom, not on warfare.  And yes, we are not monolithic, we are different but our leaders have historically worked to serve their entire constituency.  

Divisiveness is cresting like a great river, as we struggle to see eye-to-eye with white citizens on too many fronts.  When I listen to high schoolers I hear their parents voices.  Completely up in arms about the Black Lives Matter Movement, but unwilling to believe the number of police who either harass or tend to use overwhelming force without just cause toward black citizens.  I have seen this myself. I’ve been followed by Sheriff deputies for no reason.  I believe in professional policing but all of these issues must be addressed equitably for all concerned. 

I have yet to see anyone demonstrate in good conscience, the advantage of a Trump presidency.  I am wholly of the opinion that there are good arguments on both sides of an issue.  I sincerely doubt however, that there is a black person in America who can convince me that Mr. Trump is the best presidential candidate for America’s Black communities.  Feel free to try, we will post all replies.  



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