I Have Been Silent . . .

I have been silent but I have not been dormant.
I have been seething but I have not been hateful.
I have been wishful but I have not been wistful.

I have struggled to believe my own ears and eyes to the weekly and now daily unfolding drama that has become the Trump Administration.  After the initial shock that caused me to literally stagger. I thought that I would hope for the best and adapt a “wait and see” attitude.  I believe that this is the fairest course of action.  While it is fair, the set of circumstances that we see occurring and escalating at such an alarming rate lead us to abject suspicion of not only the the means but the ends of our journey.  

Such trepidation leading some to say that they plan to leave the country and others to assume that early false steps can and will be rectified over the breadth of the term in office.  I have said to several that we have lived through bad presidents: Nixon, a bit of a crackpot consumed with a reach for power, G.W. Bush, so frequently lost on the concept, vengeful and unfettered through a relentless spending spree on an unnecessary war.  We weathered their storms. It was not the end of the world.  
The presidency was won by virtue of the electoral college.   There is a clear majority of voters who did not vote for Trump.  In time to come if he creates a monumental error that eclipses these shots over the bow, the next recourse has occurred previously.  It has happened in the Congress and in the Senate.  There is  the option of recalling the candidate.  Yes, it could be an enormous “hail Mary” play capable of upsetting the country, but considering the overall mood since the election, it would seem new century growing pains for this young republic.  The current turbulence is considerable.  As the new president said addressing the African-American community “What have you got to lose?”







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  1. Sandra Emmanuel Avatar
    Sandra Emmanuel

    You are not wandering in the wilderness alone. God help us.

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