Transparent Senate Trial (Second Letter to Senator Todd Young + Senator Mike Braun)

This is my second public letter to Senator Young and first to Senator Braun.  I have crafted this letter in hope of an even-handed response to allegations against President Trump.  The White House has prevented several key staffers from testifying in the House trial fearful that the trial would not be fair.  In response, Mitch McConnell stated that the Senate will cooperate fully with White House counsel.  This would not bode well for the appearance of fairness and I am sure that voters in all states are interested in a fair trial.  
All parties that are key witnesses need to testify.  The Senate trial cannot be deemed fair if they don’t testify.  If the country is to be spared any angst in these tumultuous times, they must testify.   Unity is a worthwhile goal as we seek an amiable solution to this dilemma.  

Lifelong Indiana Resident and Citizen

Heady Germane






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