fair and unbiased (per se)

Senators Braun and Young;
My previous missive was a request in light of your voting record that you remain open to the reports of witnesses.  Simply a request from a registered voter that I was sure that you would honor.  Senator Young responded to say that he was committed to a fair trial.  Senator Braun responded by insisting that the whole endeavor was a politicized attack on the President who he was sent to Washington to serve.  
No sir,  you were sent as a representative of the people of the state of Indiana.  You were not sent to be a puppet or to pretend that the Emperor has clothes.  The senate was sworn in as jurors to be impartial and fair in their review of the matter.   Were I to serve on a jury in Indianapolis, I’m sure you would expect me to walk in unprejudiced and free to make an impartial decision based on ALL of the evidence.  That is exactly what we the citizens and taxpayers of the state of Indiana expect of you.  In the words of Eldridge Cleaver, if you’re not a part of the solution, you are part of the problem.  






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