Will You Vote Against Trump? Is 7up?

In February of 2018 a New York Times op-ed contributor penned a piece: “Trump Wants to Make America White Again”. His campaign slogan turned right side up.  I first heard it from Maxine Waters (D-CA) and it is somewhat coded (i.e. in code) and may need clarification.  ‘Make America White Again’ alludes to going back to the “good old days” before nonwhites had rights and before there was competition between the races.  
Mr. Phillips piece speaks directly to immigration policy which is the context of the feature.  But the slogan is also coded as it begs the question of America’s greatness in its current state.  America does not resemble its antecedent self.  How could it, as carefully as the founding fathers laid blueprints for the republic, we have sabotaged the future by compromising the values that have led us to greatness.  

There have not been many victories more meaningful or magnificent than those won in the fight for civil rights over the last few decades.   How easily some have forgotten that this is a land of immigrants.  Some came willingly, some did not.   Of the millions comprising the miraculous African Diaspora, which wrest their necks from the under the foot of oppression?  Which wrought such creativity and ingenuity that we see inventions and products credited with changing the world?  And which would show such devotion to fight and die for the flag.  The same flag that would witness such cruelty and indignation suffered for centuries.  
Time waits for no one; glories of the past can be revisited but not re-lived.  Do we have faith to walk forward and face the destiny that awaits unperturbed by new challenges, differences in culture or socio-economics?  Or is our fate to live as fools in silos afraid of the dark?  
The unfortunate truth is that the President is clearly not smart enough to gauge the emotion behind his DISAPPROVAL RATINGS in our community.  The ongoing bad blood he has stirred and continues to stir.  His movement toward and failure to distance himself from active enemies of the community itself.  The strange subterfuge logic he uses, that we have nothing to lose. We have simple dignity that won’t be bought with dime store appeasements.  It appears that he believes we are influenced by the same platitudes used to placate poor white constituents.   Here’s a clue – we are not them!
Why won’t we even consider you for a second term?  You have unabashedly placed yourself in a category too well known to almost all of us.  The snide, know-it-all, entitled and privileged white man whose mask of cultural crossover ease doesn’t fit well and whose encounters with the likes of David Duke, and Vladimir Putin are all too well known.
For the few of you left stuck in the quandary wondering if Trump is racist, here’s the research indicating the affirmative result.  So you can assume bias on my part, but did due diligence anyway. 
Here are links to articles that name Trump’s racism: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/15/opinion/trump-wants-to-make-america-white-again.html
Here are links to articles that defend him. 



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