Rush to Judgment or Rush to Denial?

The recent shooting of 25 year-old Armand Arbery by a retired police officer and his son is being covered by the media and on social media.  Mr. Arbery was shot as the former 
 This writer has held back from writing about these murders since the Trayvon Martin shooting in an attempt to show discretion and let the legal process work.  The shootings have continued. I have tried to hold on to the maxim, “No rush to judgment; let the process work itself out.” In the Arbery shooting, even a reasonable person would say arrest the suspects in preparation for trial.  That has not happened in this circumstance. The record for vigilante justice against blacks in America is abysmal.  I imagine there are people weighing the odds all across the nation. There is no reasonable logic allowing armed civilians to shoot this man as a suspect with no evidence.  For all we know the suspects will not serve a day of jail time.  The toll of ‘law enforcement\vigilante’ justice is rising quickly in the “land of the free”.  Retribution could be very high as protests are occurring in both Indiana for a police action shooting and in Georgia for the Arbery shooting.  
Unfortunately, it seems that these perpetrators feel that they are free to act in this way without fear of retribution or prosecution.  There no reassurance that the Justice Department is not biased, that it views all citizens the same and that the administrators are dedicated to ‘justice for all’.
Update: Law enforcement in Georgia has decided to arrest the father Gregory McMichael and son Travis McMichael after 74 days.  The inequity and imbalance of justice has become completely intolerable.  There are no indications that these conditions will change.  This has brought about anger in the streets.  



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