( a poem)

All Talk Radio

All the talk

that’s fit to hear

24 hour talk radio

Talk on Demand

Non-stop Talk and Entertainment

News Talk for those in the know

Fair and Balanced Talk.


Chat Chit-Chat,

Chat rooms

internet chatter





up to the minute

on the hour

At this time of the year,  after being fed a nonstop diet of news, talk, enter-pain-ment [read gossip], and o-pain-ion, I’m fed up!

What are the markets doing?

What is Trump doing?

What is the Party line?

What stymied the congress this time?

What act of aggression against the Chinese? North Korea?

Which Starlet or Politician has done something utterly noteworthy while we are busy trying to be oblivious?

Is it NEWS or fear mongering?

Has anyone done anything helpful or praiseworthy?

Is there anything actually new under the sun?

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