Just In: Guest Contributor Robert Bach, MD!



Thank you I am not waking up

in a tent

looking at the Penobscot



Thank you I am not at the border

in sweltering heat 

wondering if they will ever find

my child


Thank you that I don’t have to place

both hands on the wheel

when a policeman stops me for a

broken tail light


Thank you I can work safely at

home on my computer

without risking my life on a

crowded bus


Thank you, my identity is not

 an “illegal”

praying every night that

DACA will hold


Thank you I can afford

medical insurance

when for so many, rent

comes first


Thank you I don’t hear the

slamming of a prison door

that echoes retribution

instead of restoration


Thank you, my feet can walk beaches

and wooded trails

when so many suffocate in a

world of cement 


Thank you that I am not on the

beach in Puerto Cabezas

sobbing for my house that

Iota swept away


Thank you for the presence of

God in all people

for we can not hope to save

Your creation alone


                                    Robert Bach







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