Where Have all my Heroes Gone?

John McCain, American war hero

who suffered for all of us

who stood alone on the Senate floor

to protect our health care

John Lewis, soul of the House,

beaten in the march to Selma

asking us to stand up and

do “good trouble”

Martin Luther King, a prophetic

voice in modern times

fighting with all his being for

the “Beloved Community”

Ruth Ginsberg, a champion of justice

and woman’s rights

who was able to engage others

with differing views

Elijah Cummings, civil rights advocate

who once said:

“It’s a new day in our city,

let the wheels of justice begin to roll”

Howard Thurman, theologian

and civil rights activist

A mentor to Martin Luther King

in radical nonviolence

Dorothy Day, a champion of the

poor and homeless

Outspoken, put in prison,

a true servant of God

 My heroes have inspired me

through the years

Their stories should be told to

my grandchildren and beyond.

                                          Robert Bach



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