Bernie Shaw, Anchor; Acquaintance

I was training in Washington D.C. some years ago and ventured out to a jazz club in the evening. The club really was slick. There was a very hip crowd and a band that was sharp in every way. At one point I went to the bar and spied a familiar face. It took me a minute, but this was pretty early on in the life of the CNN network and there standing on the wall chilling was Bernard “Bernie” Shaw.

In the midst of a good time and being a visitor, I decided to greet him and introduce myself. I’ve been a fan and a broadcaster since college but, I was surprised that a nationally known TV anchor would be hanging out in a local establishment.


We talked briefly and I shared that I was a visitor from Indiana. We shook hands. He couldn’t have been more approachable or friendly. He seemed somewhat surprised that I recognized him. I have not forgotten how unassuming he was and that impressed me greatly. He was a great role model who was well admired and well spoken of industrywide.






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