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Mike Braun is not qualified to be the Governor of Indiana. He wasn’t qualified to be a Senator either. Why would the citizens of Indiana consider voting for a man whose record in the Senate is wholly unremarkable and who continues to support the ignoble former MAGAPresident. Not only does he show no reticence for his ongoing failure to adhere to the law of the land, he ignores the principle of relegating power according to the will of the people.

According to the 2020 Census, the ethnic makeup of Indiana was 61.6% White, 12.4% Black or African American, 18.7% Hispanic, and 2.4% Asian. American Indian and Alaska Native made up 1.1%, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander made up 0.2%, Some Other Race made up 8.4%, and Two or More Races made up 10.2%. With no ethnic minorities on his website or in his commercials, he is virtually ignoring more than 38% of the state’s populace.

Braun’s newest commercial depicts the candidate walking across the screen to talk with three white male members of law enforcement fully clothed in riot gear with narration that describes campaign promises to eliminate the woke mob and illegal immigrants and lockdowns. His website talks about how woke corporations cost Hoosier taxpayers as if far-right racist companies have done no wrong. The tone of his campaign materials show no even-handedness, only one viewpoint. That’s not enough for Indiana in 2023.

Where is the uplifting enthusiasm? Where is the inspiration? Only the negativity and America’s not great??!! That’s not leadership we need, neither is fawning after a crooked comrade. I’m not sorry you are leaving the Senate, you can be replaced readily.



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