A Letter to My Friend on His Loyalty to MAGA

Part I

My friend M and I have been debating over several years on how the left and right have fared, policies and personalities.  I have chosen to put my thoughts to ink in an effort to settle my ideas prior to the election. 

The whole notion of MAGA is its own dog whistle as expressed by how the slogan was gentrified into “Make America White AgaIn” in the light of Mr. Trump’s “S#*_hole countries” remarks in 2019.   MAGA’s explain that America has lost its greatness status due to immigration, multiculturalism and globalization.  Many non-white people say that it is a throwback to when Jim Crow kept America segregated, isolated and exclusionary. 

Blacks and other POC could deny this ideation if not for the history of broken promises and flat out lies historically passed out to Blacks and Native Americans [Asians actually got their reparations] by members of both parties, both the early and later versions. 

The effect of these always reneged upon promises remain as resilient as American racism:  the wage disparity by race and home ownership disparity (there are more disparities).  These are largely attributable to Systematic Racism, but unfortunately, minions like Candace Owens and Tim Scott say there is no such thing as systemic racism. 

There is considerable truth in declaring that the Democrats “over-promise & under-deliver”.  The subsequent truth is that the Republicans don’t even make promises and remove public liberties while you watch.

Part II will examine the ironies and hypocrasy embedded in the right’s version of the culture wars.






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