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  • 2nd Summer Friday

      the second summer friday found   three sojourners in repose   enjoying the mornings joining   of desire and fulfillment   dawn found two glowing   in grateful affirmation   hypervigilant and silent   celebrating the passion   that introduced the third   the newcomer third   with eyes wide & black   as…

  • Spider’s Web

  • kiss

  • St. Louis Sky

  • the Fortnight of Our Affiction

  • Shutterbuggin’

    Shutterbugs are buggin’ while shutters bolted shut keep prying eyes from private lives Even though the drama is not nearly private enough and the divas promenade in silly trance-like fashion drinking Molotov cocktails protesting nothing in particular whose life is an open book that noone wants to read but there must be vested interest or…

  • Indianapolis – Guess Where?

  • Father’s Love

    Only now do we understand what he was trying to teach us How could love be so hard to do? Patiently impatient and humbly so grand He will be missed timelessly, musingly He became us because he was our inevitability We sought other venues We took on other interests He loved us still Through his…

  • Billie, Billie, Billie

    Billie, Billie, Billie More poignant than the tone she shared; Sweeter than Bird’s accompanying care The rhapsody rings in my ears; Your love drives me to tears 2/21/01

  • Photog Edition One

    In order to be true to each of the P’s here is a page dedicated to photog[raphy], I consider myself to be a true amateur but love trying to capture beauty where I can. Feel free to post comments, constructive criticism or laughs . . . . gh