Neither Blue Nor Red

Evan Bayh was one of the first to state and to resign as a U.S. senator in response to the gridlock in 
Washington.  Old guard figures inclined to cross the aisle and do the work of enacting law have been replaced by new neophyte politicos whose sole purpose is to satisfy voter mandates regarding singular local issues.  Any other business is deemed invalid by voters who seem not to take time to research a breadth of issues.
The congress has failed the american people as it has bowed to special interests, lobbyists, and the interests of monied constituents.  I have suggested to friends that the U.S. needs a third party that embraces values in the middle of the left and right.  I suggested it knowing that party activists from both Republican and Democratic sides would virtually commit felonies to keep such a party from beginning.  
I am not alone in thinking this way.  Many are frustrated with the stymied action from our legislative branch.  Few have suggested viable action steps.  I found this article in Fortune Magazine to be particularly insightful.  I offer it as addition to your reading.  I soon plan to register as an Independent voter.  There is much work to be done!






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    Thank you Alex, I appreciate it very much! Feel free to come by anytime!

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